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"When you consider the fact that you can reuse ReSkin, it doesn't ruin your clothing, and it protects you from friction, there just isn't a better product out there."

Whatever you do, your skin
can be damaged by friction.

Friction from Clothes, Shoes or Equipment can cause Irritation, Chafing or Blistering when you, for example;
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How ReSkin™ Evolved

ReSkin was developed by a company in the Netherlands called Bio-Racer. They design, manufacture and distribute top-of-the-line cycling kits (see for more products). A number of top racing teams wear their kits when training and racing. The materials they use for these kits are of the highest quality and designed for comfort and speed.

In May 2005, Bio-Racer received a couple of complaints from riders of a professional racing team. During the Tour of Germany, they had to race in very difficult circumstances. The first day was rainy, the second day it was very hot, and on the third day it was snowing. As a result, their skin became very weak and many riders had blisters and burns between their thighs.

Even clothing specifically designed for racers was not giving them adequate protection against friction and blisters, so Bio-Racer came up with another solution. They took the material from their clothing and used it to create a bandage. The bandage's ability to hug the skin - protecting it from blisters and burns - make it an instant hit with cyclists.

Your Skincare: ReSkin is Skin Friendly. It is breathable (due to the Lycra® material construction) and pain-free to remove (because of the specially designed silicone adhesive).

If the area you wish to protect is particularly hairy, to the point where the ReSkin may not make an effective adhesive bond to the skin, shaving in advance is recommended.

Cleaning and Instructions for Re-Use: Depending on how intensely the ReSkin is used, it is possible to re-use it several times (yes, it does stay sticky). When showering after sports, simply stick ReSkin on the tiles of the bathroom or another suitable smooth area. Rinse the ReSkin with lukewarm water and use a mild soap or shampoo to wash it.

Allow the ReSkin to dry and once it has dried you can use it again. Washing ReSkin in the washing machine at the warm water setting is also possible. We recommend not using fabric softener or too much detergent.

Use plastic wrap as a cover for the adhesive side or fold the patch before putting it in the washing machine.

Tip: To store or to leave for drying, use plastic food wrap as a backing